October 11th, 2004


Do you know what I hate...

Putting a price on things.  Selling things.  Offering things for sale to my friends.  Friends are FRIENDS, things should be GIVEN to friends.  Ug.  But I can't do that cause I'm po' and need to finish paying off the printing costs for this show.

Anyway, I hate having to post a price tag.  It sucks.

But if you're interested there will be a list of prints available shortly.

13th_artist was right

Show posted

Okay, I finally organized all of the images from the photo show into one gallery, and uploaded two of the three images that were in the show that WEREN'T in the original portfolio (the third will be a little more difficult to find).

So if you're interested in purchase, or in just looking at the pretty pictures, click here. All of them are framed and matted, some are double matted if it suited my whim.

Thank you for shopping Klae-mart

(Firefox users may have to go there manually: http://photography.clayrobeson.net ... must find bug)

Oh, right, price... each picture is selling for $40 plus shipping (not sure what that is yet). Discounts available for multiple purchases! BUY IN BULK! ;) If there's one that's not in there that you want printed, let me know and I can' have it done.

still me
Still me