October 14th, 2004


I don't want to jinx it all...

But FINALLY, people have started calling me back about jobs.  Yeah, don't faint.  I almost did.

I have an interview next Thursday with San Jose City College for a financial aid advisor position. A recruiter also called me about another job.  Apparently I'm on the 'long list' for an interview.  They're going through their 'short list' of internal candidates first.  So who knows what will happen with that.

But hey, it's REPLIES.


Sometimes I am the King of Bullshit...

When the first Homo Sapiens raised their eyes to the heavens, they beheld the magnificence of the starry firmament. On the canopy of the night were embedded tiny jewels whose brilliance became subject of story, legend and religion. Their stability and consistency from generation to generation made them a potent basis for tribal lore and myth. They were more constant than Earth herself.

Can you believe I pulled a B+ in a 400 Level Writing Intensive Astrophysics class with only one other Astro class under my belt?  Me neither.

http://www.obeyyour.tv/creations/extras/tih.pdf <- The full term paper if you're bored