November 3rd, 2004

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(and this is not related to the results of the election)

I found I job I wanted to apply for in Norway, with NATO, but the application has to arrive there by Friday.  Ain't gonna happen.


Question 21

State briefly any special qualification not covered earlier, any activities or other significant features which may help in support of your application.

I got nuthin.

Foreign Policy

So last night, as I watched CNN's election coverage, my computer made it's obligatory "Boonk" around midnight to tell me that my nightly email from had come in.

Whether it was foretelling of the outcome of the election or not, said email included links to two job opportunities abroad, both of which I decided to apply for regardless of the fact that I may or may not be qualified to do them.

The first, which I mentioned already today, is a job with the NATO Joint War Center in Stavanger, Norway.  It's working in their training department evaluating and developing curriculum.  I seem to have most of the job requirements, but the fact that I still don't quite understand what the job is about leads me to believe that I may not be the right person. Regardless, I emailed a resume, and have to follow it up with a mailed one ASAP. But before I can do that, I need to have another passport sized picture taken.

The second job is as an English speaking technical writer for a computer company in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm short on one piece of software that they want me to know, but I downloaded the 15 day free demo tonight, so I can probably get a decent grasp on it.  Within two hours of sending them my resume, I had an email back asking for more information, and hinting that if they didn't want me for the job, there might be others coming up.  It would require a two year commitment to living in Taiwan, but at this point, what do I have to lose?

I came very close to writing my own personal Concession speech today, allowing my fears and self doubt to win the current goobinatorial race that's going on inside my brain.  I'm still not sure that it won't happen soon, regardless.  Each day just gets a little more difficult to face knowing that I'm chained like a tetherball to a metal poll of poverty, and that my emotional highs and lows have the freedom to smack me this way and that at their whim.  This week, the lows are kicking the living crap out of the highs.

I hope recess is over soon.

Waiting for the bell to ring.
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