November 16th, 2004


[Bay Area] Last call for Improhol!

Okay, Bay Area folks, this is last call.  If you're interested in participating in an 8 week improv workshop, taught by me, drop me a note ASAP.  There aren't many spots left and I'd like to see SOME of my cohorts in them if at all possible.

The Jesters are finally rebooting after a baby hiatus.  We're looking for new members, but that doesn't mean that because you're workshopping you HAVE to be a performer.  No pressure.

The class runs Sundays 7PM to 10PM, 11/28 to the middle of February with a break around 'teh h0lid@y$' (8 classes total). Oh, and the cost?  This one is free.  The next one won't be.



So they say never sign up with an agent who charges up front fees.

I feel pretty confident about this.  The agent is there to represent you to prospective clients.  The agent is there to do all of the finagling, and they get a percentage of what they finagle for you.

There is, however, a SERVICE website for voice over casting that charges.  It says right up front that it's not an agency.  It doesn't represent you in any way shape or form.  It gets no part of your earnings other than your annual up-front fee.

You *CAN* be a free member.  You can store one vocal demo.  You can be found in the mass directory.  But you don't show up in their search database, and you can't answer the open casting calls.  I signed up last night for the free part, and I've already gotten notices about five open calls (that I can't participate in).

A big part of me says "NO PAYING!"  And then there's the part of me that says, "But... but..."

If the fee wasn't quite so hefty ($195) I might give it a shot and chalk it up to a learning experience.  However, $195 is a significant part of my annual income (how sad is THAT).  I dunno.  Someone go look at the site for me and confirm the NO PAYING voice in my head. :)  Cause I shouldn't have to pay.  If it's an agent.  But it's not an agent.  It's a service.


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