November 29th, 2004


Fear my BS prowess...

Dear Selection Committee,

When the nightly job listing email came tonight, I was extraordinary intrigued by your posting for a User-Centered Design Leader.  I am, by training, a team builder and communications facilitator and while I wasn’t sure if my talents were suitable for the position at first, the more I read, the more I believed I would be a perfect fit.

I have spent several years working in the private sector for a company that required its employees to constantly go above and beyond the responsibilities set out in their job descriptions.  I became somewhat of a ‘Firefighter’ for my previous job, fielding anything and everything that others couldn’t (or wouldn’t) handle.  As the users I was supporting and training were also employees of our company, I was constantly looking for ways to balance their needs with the needs of the corporate office.  It required that I learn to analyze problems and issues from multiple perspectives, including that of our government compliance regulatory agencies.

Problems are rarely solved by individuals, they are solved by teams.  And teams that work well together and know how to build off of each other's ideas and concepts create a product that none of them could have come up with individually.  I have spent nearly three years doing team building training, finding ways to make teams work together more efficiently so that together they can out-perform even their own expectations.

You have a long list of required credentials that I would like to address specifically, as not everything on a resume is as apparent as it should be.  I have developed internal database applications for my former company, and have worked with [Censored] as a corporate sponsor giving UI as well as functionality feedback and usability testing reports to the business analysts and developers.  I was also responsible for communication on a daily basis with not only our field offices, but with our government agency representatives, software vendors and corporate accountants, tech support and management. I am a native-level English speaker with speech and dialect training as well as professional recording experience, and I have a familiarity with multi-track digital sound editing.  While I don't speak Spanish, I am more than willing to learn a second or third language if the need arises.  I have studied both French and German in the past, but am certainly not fluent in either as it has been several years since I’ve been required to use them.  I am a professional improvisational actor and trainer, which lends quite a bit of strength, creativity and sense of fun to my presentational and working skills.  The Microsoft Windows and Office skills I have were put to the test quite frequently as I used to be called upon for one on one and group training on a regular basis.  I am familiar with Boston, San Francisco and New York and would be willing to work in ANY of those cities.  Montreal also holds a bit of appeal for me as well.

I am looking for a challenge.  I am looking for a company that will not hesitate to use my skills and abilities to their fullest while allowing me to expand my potential.  I am looking for a job that will allow me to make a difference and have a positive impact on not only my projects, but on the company as a whole.  Finally, I am looking to be a part of a team that values the talents of its members and encourages them to better themselves.

I hope that [censored] is that company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email, or at blah, blah, blah...

Comments/edits welcome.  I know I've broken many grammar rules. :)

Way too full of myself... or so it seems.


Just applied for a job in the Netherlands on a website written entirely in German.

Thank bob for Babelfish, otherwise I wouldn't have know that 'handynummer' is Cell Phone Number. ;)

If it's a job, apply for it.