December 1st, 2004

sock puppet klae

Once more unto the breeches...

So today I re-entered the workforce as a contributing member of society.

I've got a holiday temporary position as a Host/Banquet Server at a restaurant in downtown San Jose thanks to my friend Laura.  I just finished my first shift (11AM to 1:30PM) wherein I made about $20 post taxes, and spent $6 on parking.

But hey, it's work, ya know.

Will that be two for lunch?

This post seriously delayed due to problems with the MadCow cluster. How aprapos.

Brian Williams

If you didn't catch last night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, see if you can find a repeat somewhere.  Brian Williams, the guy taking over for Brokaw was on, and damn he's a funny motherfucker.  I might actually watch the news without disgust for a while.

"We don't be usin' the V-word"