January 26th, 2005


A Thought Before Bed - or - Closed Circles?

Tonight as I was driving home, I passed the two exits on 280 that lead to San Jose State.

I find it funny that I live no more than a 15 minute drive from the first university to accept my application. I was 16 at the time-- nearly 17, and I'd applied to four schools. SJSU, the University of Colorado at Boulder, Penn State and MIT. Well, I ended up going to Penn State. I lived close to MIT. I'm living near SJSU... I wonder about Colorado. Now, granted, my roommates are huge Broncos fans (like RABID RABID Broncos fans). But I'm not sure that counts.

Anyway, just a thought before bed.

Workin the dinner shift

Conversation with Self

Self: Hey, Self, why is it taking so long for the toast to toast?
Self: Well, Self, maybe we should plug the toaster IN.
Self: Right, I forget that electricity is an important ingredient in toast.
Self: Dumbass.