February 17th, 2005


Work Update: How I pwn3d my Supervisor

So I didn't send that letter to my manager.

Instead, I merely said to him "Putting the two most inexperienced servers in a situation with no backup was retarded, dude." He nodded. We went on about our business.

My friend and supervisor was called in to help cover a shift that night (Tuesday). I wasn't looking forward to seeing her, but once she came in there was an unspoken truce, and we just went about our business as always.

As the night progressed, she came back to the Server area with a poopy look on her face. A table with a $180 dinner bill left her a $15 tip. Our manager started giving her crap about being nice to her customers. Everyone else picked on her a little. We all laughed while silently chastizing the poor tippers in our minds (she is not, by far, a poor server).

So later that evening when I got a $22 tip on an $83 check I walked up to her, in front of the manager, showed them the credit card slip and said, "I wanted to show you how to do it right. I figured you could use the help."

Both the Manager and Supervisor laughed uproariously. Then the Supervisor told me to fuck off and get back to work.

All is well in restaurant land.

pwn3d, beyotch!

My brush with greatness (of eyebrows)

So tonight I sold a $200 bottle of wine to Mr. Gund (owner of the San Jose sharks) and his two ginormous eyebrows.

He was a very nice man, and tipped VERY well.

I should have asked him to adopt me.

Struggling artist

Oh, and steam burns from a cappucinno machine? Suck. HUGE SUCK.