February 24th, 2005



Who could have predicted that the quest for chemical-induced erections would help stem the extinction of endangered species? Since the advent of Viagra, Asian men have cut way back on their demand for traditional aphrodisiacs like harp seal penises and reindeer antlers. The wild animals in possession of these body parts are no longer hunted so relentlessly. With this as your point of departure, Pisces, meditate on unleashing a similar synergy in your life. Is there any pleasure you might pursue in a way that sends ripples of benevolence into the world around you?

Now THAT is what I call a birthday horoscope. And the answer, my friends, is yes. Yes, there is a pleasure that I will persue that will bring torrents of benevolence into the world around me.

At 12:02PM Eastern Standard Time today, my 34th year will begin. Great things are on the horizon. Great Power is waiting to come forth. For the next 365 days, things will be absolutely amazing. Mark my words.

And know that each of you who reads this is awesome.

Happy my birthday to you!

Da Zhuang