March 29th, 2005

sock puppet klae

Nepal on MTV

So one of the Keywords I have set up on my TiVo is "Nepal."

Last night as I climbed into bed to see what the magic TV box had captured for me, I noticed a new entry in the "Nepal" category.

It was an episode from the MTV show "Trippin" entitled Nepal. Now, Trippin is a show wherein Cameron Dias travels around the world with her friends to places that have "endangered environments." Basically it's a celebrity I want to feel good show.

Anyway, there was a brief clip in front of the Kathmandu Airport, and then the went off to Tiger Tops (the Tented Camp, not the Lodge).

Regardless of the fact that Cameron was exploiting the Nepali for her own guilt issues, it was just really cool to see some of the places I've been (like the Meghuli Airport's grass runway) and things I've done (like the bathing of the elephants) on the MTV.

International Traveller

It's like squeezin out a baby, but with less squeezin and more forehead applied liberally to desk...

So I'm pimpin my homies when I point out that went live today. cinemama and I have been beatin on this one for about a month now, and -- well, there you have it. It went live today!

So all you San Jose folks, check it out, because once everything is running smoothly in New Haven, I want to start up a chapter here in the South Bay.

We likes the movies, precious...