May 6th, 2005


Can't stop the signal...

Well hells yeah... what an awesome flick. And we got Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres with us in the theater. They'd not seen this cut of the film. There was an opening message from Joss explaining how cool it was that they even got to DO this, and when he said something about publicity and having no big stars in the film Tudyk shouted out at the screen.

Universal had a camera crew there, pulling people out of line and asking them questions. technocowboy and I got yanked out and filmed because of the awesome Jane hats he made for us. So if we make the cuts and get on the DVD, score another IMDB credit for me!!

The worst thing about the movie is that I'm going to have to wait until September to see it again. It was awesome.

Like a leaf in the wind

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Isn't it Moronic?

Okay, so the kids down at the Sketch Show I work on put together our first "Clip show."

Now, in most cases that would be a groaner, but this one was a whole lot of fun, and the bulk of the 6.5 minute episode is actually new stuff we shot at like 1 in the morning last Wednesday-- wait, I guess that would be Thursday. Anyway, it's sorta funny, and I got to do ALOT in it, so it makes me happy.

If you're on a high speed connection and want a bit of no-budget amusement, check it out.

Still funny after all these years...