June 8th, 2005


Phone Post: Standing On The Corner With....

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“So this is my very first official LiveJournal phone post not using some other system as LiveJournal. Uh... And the reason that I am using the phone is because I am at the moment too lazy to type. I am standing on the corner of George and Winthrop Street in Medford waiting for the 96 bus to take me downtown or actually to Davis Square so I that can catch the T so that I can go downtown. And I am in the shade 'cause it is hot and humid and I am eating this little frozen ice thing called a <em>Two Ball Screw Ball</em> - how appropriate is that? Umm... And while I waiting for the ice cream headache to go away, because of course I ate it too fast, I figured I would make a Phone Post. Umm... And I know one of you kind and lovely LiveJournalers will probably transcribe it and say that I said all these nasty things that I really didn't say, but you know that's the part of the fun of the transcribe, right? Anyway... Ummmmm... Yeah, that's about it for now. This is gonna be a short post, mmm... because I need to get back to the <em>Two Ball Screw Ball</em>. Have a Nice Day.”

Transcribed by: sinspired