June 13th, 2005


My bags are (almost) packed, I'm ready to go...

In sumuppance, the last week here in New England has been awesometastic.

I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, unfortunately, but now that there are San Jose-Boston flights on Jet Blue, I'll be able to make the trip more than every year and a half. So those of you that missed me, never fear. I will return!

It's funny how you build some place up in your mind because you miss it, but never remember the annoyances until you get back. So following, I list some Boston Annoyances, just so everyone doesn't think it was a 100% blissful trip:

1) Light switches OUTSIDE the bathroom. Not once did I successfully turn on the light before going in.

2) Potholes. Holy shit. Governor Romney, take a page from the Arnie book and start shoveling. Just don't dig them out first to make it a photo op like he did.

3) Humidity. It's like there's a wet cat sitting on my head. Farting. Ug.

4) The T. Yes, because of the T I could travel all over the city and spend money I shouldn't have. :)

Anyway, thank you all for a great visit (that includes the new friends as well)!! I'll be back eventually (we have to drink the beer we made, right?).

I'll be landing in San Jose tonight around 7:something. I guess I should find my itinnairairirry.