July 13th, 2005


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Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live gerbil or friendslist to do the same.

1. Seat Belts: I feel totally insecure if I'm in the front seat of a car without a seatbelt on. I feel totally claustrophobic if I'm in the back seat of a car with one on.

2. Karaoke: I can stand up in front of five hundred people with no script and make them laugh (and have). I can't look at a television screen and read lyrics of a song and sing along with them. I'm so nervous that I'm not going to do it right that I get all tense and it makes me sing flat.

3. Organization: My room, my desk and my life are all generally a bit messy. My harddrive is pristinely organized. Apparently it's a digital neurosis.

4. An Object in Motion Stays in Motion: I'll drive a couple miles out of my way if it means I keep moving rather than sit still in traffic. Being stopped on a freeway wigs me out. City streets are fine, but freeways? Oy.

5. Magazines: I've always had trouble throwing away magazines. I don't care if others touch them or read them or abuse them, but for some reason I always feel there's something I'll need to go back to in them.

Share yours if you feel so inclined.