July 27th, 2005


An Open Letter to BofA

Dear Bank of America,

I really appreciate the fact that when my debit card number was used fraudulently last year, you immediately replaced my GoldTM Debit Card with a new and shiny PlatinumTM Debit Card. Really. I'm thankful for the quick response time and great customer service.

However, my PlatinumTM Debit Card looks a hell of a lot like my PlatinumTM Credit Card. So much so, that it seems I've been using the wrong card for the last week for the purchase of Big Ticket Items like tanks of gasoline, causing my bank account to become overdrawn so that when I buy Little Ticket Items (like Jamba Juice) I'm getting a $15 overdraft fee tacked on top of the $4.35 juice.

This makes me sad. Sad to the tune of $200 in bank fees.

Please make my Debit Card GoldTM again, because I am obviously too stupid to have two PlatinumTM colored cards.

So much for THIS pay period...

A day of Ups and Downs...

Up: Moron Life has been contacted by http://www.comedyexpresstv.com/ about some stuff we submitted to them. Apparently they liked it, and when the new network launches next January, we may get to contribute something.

Down: See this post.

Up: Paycheck covered overdraft with a little to spare.

Down: BofA no longer has Gold Cards. Or that's what they said. So no color change for me.

Up: senatorhatty and wildpaletz brought Cy in for dinner tonight. It was good to see them.

Down: 14 top. Race team. One obnoxious bitch who neglected to tell me they were in a rush. Hilarity did NOT ensue.

Up: Mandatory 17% tip did ensue.

Down: I spilled Rack of Lamb sauce all over myself.

Up: It smelled good!

Down: Left my sandals and shorts at the restaurant.

Up: A gift from haloedoneThe Present Fairy arrived today.

Down: Feets hurt.

Up: I'm an official Guest at Dragon*Con 2005.

More up than down