August 4th, 2005


God bless you Open Source Geeks...

If you don't know, TiVo opened up the information on their Home Media Engine so that folks could develop open source applications for the TiVo. Last night I downloaded Galleon, which is a HME Server with applications that allow you to check pop mail, look at local movie listings, check the weather forecasts (including local radar), one that organizes your mp3s in a jillion different ways so it's easy to find and play them, and one that allows you to mark your programs for download to your computer from the TiVo itself, rather than from TiVo's native "desktop" application, which is very slow and plodding.

Hooray for the Open Source movement and the beautiful stuff it brings!


Dinner of champions

due to leaving the house later than planned, dinner comes from Micky D's tonight.

Fruit and Walnut Salad
Large Fries
Chocolate Tripple thick shake

Pity the researchers...