August 18th, 2005



There are two fabulous people who share a birthday today! They know who they are. They are both awesome to the truest extent of the word.

Many many many many many birthday blessings on you both.

Lucky to have each of you in my life.

News on the "War on Making My Bedroom A Habitable Living Space" and other sundry things...

Current Score:

Bedroom: 1
Me: 5

Today's victory goes to me, but there is always tomorrow.

I've got this odd "missing time" feeling. When I pulled the load of underpants out of the drier, a folded up dollar bill fell out. I do not remember having anyone place a folded up dollar bill in my underpants at any point in time. Should I be worried?

So, you may ask yourself to ask me, you've been awfully quiet these last few days, Mr. Klae... what gives?
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But that one point the bedroom scored was right on my toe, which is bleeding, so I'll be off my feet for a while cause it makes with the owie to walk.

Here TiVo TiVo TiVo!!
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