September 23rd, 2005


A note from kellyangel

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that today was Maddies final day. Jason took her in this morning - he sat with her while she went - and said it was peaceful. The vet said that she wouldn't have made it much longer as she was so skinny and frail. But he also said that she was the oldest cat that he had ever had in there. She had a good long life and spent the last of it in the comforts of the house - She had taken over the fireplace pillow and blanket as her sleeping spot. The boys are really upset - they loved her a lot - as did I. I am really sad for her but I feel better knowing that she isn't suffering and that she will be with all of the other animals from "the farm" that have since past. I just thought you should know - sorry to email you about it - but I am a little chocked up about it and don't really want to talk about it right now..... Talk to you soon - I love you!

Maddie was the last of my "childhood" pets...



I've got some time while some audio files are converting, so I'm expounding on this entry. While my mood says "sad," I can't really say that I am. Every time I think of Maddie, I smile. She was just so full of life and personality, that it's hard for the thought of her not to make me happy, even if she's gone now. I've had some amazing pets during my life... we joke in my family about all of the whacko animals finding their way to our house... but Maddie was much much more than a pet. She really did become part of the family in such a way that an old aunt moving into the house would. She was cranky and demanding, and we all waited on her every whim, and we all cared about her more than any of us can possibly express. And our inheritance is the memory of her little frail body quaking with tiger sized purring every time you stroked her back. Okay... now I'm sad. :/
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So I've been working on these damn commercials since before 9AM. I've made some decent progress, too. The CEO listened to the commercials made from the copy he approved last week and decided he wants changes.

How fucking unprofessional can you get?

I am going to kick him right in the jimmy next time I see him.

pissed beyond all recognition
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