November 14th, 2005


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So at the end of October, I checked in with the Feedburner stats on Moron Life: The Vaudcast, I discovered that we had nine people subscribed to the feed through iTunes, which made up a good percentage of the 13 subscribers.  But the first week of November we'd hit 21 (down slightly from 11/1's 27), and as of the 11/10, we'd made it up to 35.  That just amazes me.  Thirty five people are subscribing to the feed in one way or another, and only three of them are me!

So when I checked on Friday, imagine my shock to see that in only a day, circulation had jumped from 35 to 54!!!  Ho. Ly. Crap!

And just now, I decided to check before bed, and we're sitting at 85.  Yes... 85 people are subscribed to The Vaudcast. 

62 thru iTunes.
3 thru Live Journal.
2 thru Bloglines.
2 thru Jakarta.
7 thru Other Readers.
2 thru Java based readers.
and 9 thru unidentified readers.

I'm guessing the publicity we're getting thru iTunes is pretty freakin' AWESOME!! :D

I'll be sending interested parties email about podcasting for Moron Life by Tuesday.  If you don't get it by Tuesday night, or didn't express interest the first time, drop me a note.