December 1st, 2005


Moron Life Needs Your Help!

Hey, if you have 2 minutes, do me a favor:

  • Go to Moron Life

  • Let the front page load completely.

  • Tell me if the pictures in the red box in the top banner are scrolling for you, or if they just never appear (or if something completely different happens).

  • Post a comment here letting me know what OS and Browser (with version) you're using.


freakin tired!

Moron Life stats for November: Distinct hosts served: 9,490. Vaudcast subscribers 206.

Moron Life Scrolly Pictures, The Resolution

Turns out the script I was using to scroll the pictures was causing IE to vomit and reload the images over and over again.  I got an email from my webhost saying we were getting 250 hits/second on those images once I asked people to go check them out.  And since my computer was the biggest offender, my work/graphics machine is now IP banned from looking at the Moron Life site.


We're working on getting that fixed. :)

Thank you for all your help!!

Quotes, Forecasts and Bacon! Oh My!

Memorable Quotes from last night:
If I had a dime for every time I had to stand around being pretty, I'd owe somebody about $10 right now.
The color of your hair is absolutely beautiful!
Said to me by the makeup lady as she was putting "no shine" stuff on my bald spot. :P

From my Horoscope:
There are people in high places who are willing to support your cause, and there's a clear message coming from Jupiter that the source of all good things is something 'international'.

I got nuthin here, it was just fun to put bacon in the subject for the post...

Supremely sexy