December 22nd, 2005


370 Days Ago

Morgan and I stood at the Host podium at the restaurant and he asked if I'd be interested in waiting tables.  I said yes.

Last night Morgan and I stood at the Host podium at the restaurant and he asked if I'd be interested in being one of the Manager's on Duty.  I said yes.

So nary a year after I started, I get to train to be an MOD.  More responsibility, a little more pay when I'm clocked in as a Manager.  Alot more "feelin good" about my capabilities.  Especially since the night before, one of my customers actually offered me a job while I was waiting on them.  But I don't think I really want to sell shoes, even if it is for Cole and Haas.


Why I love my friends...

Monday I took a 3-hour basic first aid class. Not enough to be of real
use in the Zombie Apocalypse (tm), but enough to be useful for the 2
minutes before someone qualified shows up.

Ya just don't get better comedy anywhere these days. :D

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Pimping things I never thought I'd pimp...

iTunes/Quicktime Pro
Holy crap. I had to purchase Quicktime Pro in order to properly convert the Moron Life videos for The Vaudcast.  Of course you can't install Quicktime now without installing iTunes.  That sort of pissed me off a little bit... but honestly, the Quicktime makes it freakin SIMPLE to put stuff in mp4 format for vodcast, and that makes me happy.  Then I actually started playing with iTunes, and using it to subscribe to podcasts and such.  And... well... it's actually pretty cool.  Last night I took the plunge and let it at my mp3 directory, and it completely organized stuff, and made structure out of chaos, which is pretty impressive.  And it's making it REALLY easy to pull the rest of the CDs I've not ripped onto my computer.  Oh, and someone came up with a little program that lets me sync an iTunes playlist with my Treo, so I can use the damn thing like an actual mp3 player if I want.  That alone is pretty freakin cool.
With the recent upgrades to my TiVo, allowing for a bunch of new home media functionality, I had to go set up the page for myself so that I could check weather and photos and whatnot.  My home page used to be Google News, but damn, the my.Yahoo page is actually pretty useful!  Especially the flight tracker, so I can see when I can get cheap flights to places like Boston or Amsterdam. :D

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