February 2nd, 2006


Hey, Bay Area katz and kittenz!

Because I've not done this since I moved to California, and because I had a little play money from the holidays, I've decided it's time to do a Beer Brewing/Tasting day.

When: February 26, 2006 (start time TBA)
Where: Entropy House (directions available upon request)
Why: Why the hell not? (Quit asking so many questions!)

Currently on the tasting list:

  • 2005 Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale (3QT bottle courtesy of Beer Summit Josh)

  • Unibroue Edition 2005 & 2004

  • Magic Hat Chaotic Chemistry 2004 & Thumbsucker

  • Dogfish Head Fort & Olde School Barley Wine 

  • DeDolle Oerbier & Special Extra Export Stout

  • JW Lees 2003 Harvest Ale (plus the Whisky, Port, Cherry and Calvados cask aged versions)*

  • JW Lees 2000 Harvest Ale (the one that smells like sex)

  • Samiclaus 1996 (the good stuff)

  • Sam Adams Millennium & Utopias (who loves ya, baby?)

And that's without sticking my head into the Beer Cellar to see what else I have.

So please RSVP here or via email.  If we get enough people, I'll try to talk merlinofchaos into firing up the Bar-be-que!

BEERGUY!  Now with New Beer Icon!

* hey komos, if I send you $ can you hit Charles Street Liquors and pick me up another set of those (or two)?