April 6th, 2006


#92: Work Friends

So I was randomly invited to dinner at two of my co-workers place after work tonight.  We had stew and risotto and wine and listened to actual RECORDS.

Quite awesome.  Quite awesome, indeed.

part of a team

The done list

  1. Clean Kitchen (whoops)

  2. Sterilize Carboy

  3. Shower

  4. Procure Gelatine for Beer Clarification

  5. Procure Jamba

  6. Procure Lunch

  7. Clean table behind desk

  8. Reply to Moron Life Inquiries

  9. Get spare car key fixed

  10. Bank run

  11. Car Estimate/Drop at Shop

  12. Buy Athena Starbux in exchange for ride home

  13. Rack Beer

  14. Do Taxes


And I'm not done yet...
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#91: All about my birthday (meme inspired by the rainbowbinky)

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts (I did five, cause huge things happen on my birthday, apparently), three births and three deaths in your journal, including the year.

February 24 is the 55th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 310 days remaining, 311 in leap years. By Roman custom February 24 is the day added to a leap year, and the occurrence of February 29 is merely a consequence of this.

1. 303 - Galerius, Roman Emperor, publishes his edict that begins the persecution of Christians in his portion of the Empire.
2. 1582 - Pope Gregory XIII announces the Gregorian calendar.
3. 1831 - The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, the first removal treaty in accordance with the Indian Removal Act, is proclaimed. The Choctaws in Mississippi cede land east of the river in exchange for payment and land in the West.
4. 1917 - World War I: The U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom is given the Zimmermann Telegram, in which Germany pledges to ensure the return of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona to Mexico if that country declares war on the United States.
5. 1988 - The Supreme Court of the United States sides with Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine by overturning a lower court decision to award Jerry Falwell $200,000 for defamation.

1. 1786 - Wilhelm Grimm, German philologist and folklorist (d. 1859)
2. 1921 - Abe Vigoda, American actor
3. 1955 - Steve Jobs, American computer pioneer

1. 1990 - Malcolm Forbes, American publisher (b. 1917)
2. 1994 - Dinah Shore, American actress and singer (b. 1916)
3. 2006 - Don Knotts, American actor (b. 1924)
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