June 6th, 2006



So for the last week I've been getting blown off for various things for a) no reason (at least none given) or b) for reason's I just can't comprehend.

I'm annoyed.

And the worst part is that it all revolves around different projects that I'm working on, so if I let myself be annoyed it's going to (and in some cases already did) impact my enjoyment of those projects.

Maybe I shouldn't be such a nice guy.  That would make it easier.

Captain Blownoff

Edit: Ahh, apparently this is a symptom of some overwhelming lack of patience with everything in the universe right now. Apologies if I snap at anyone for something that doesn't deserve it.
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Don't ask and ye shall receive...

Apparently the universe, that I've been very impatient with of late, actually likes me.

Tonight she delivered unto me exactly what I needed to reset my mood, and then some.

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So now I am recharged and ready to deal with the rampant asshattery once again. Thank you Universe. You're the hawsomest!

Incidental Vocalist
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