June 9th, 2006


On a more irritating note...

I have a lot of friends who do great things for charity.  And if I have the extra cash, I try to donate when I can.

But one of the fucking charities sold my name to every other fucking charity in creation, so now half my junk mail is groups asking me for money.  Up to and including the Campus Crusade for Christ International.

The shear volume of junk mail is enough to make me consider not making any more donations except to places like my hometown community theater, because I *KNOW* they won't sell my name, cause my mom's in charge.

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One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster...

So, generally, I'm not one for Asian Boy-Whores* -- I tend to leave that to our resident Asian Boy-Whore aficionado, haloedone.  Yesterday, however, was a different story.  I went and got my hair cut at Umbrella Salon, and the young man who washed my hair** gave me the most amazing scalp*** massage I'd ever had.  A few more minutes of it and you would have had to hook me up to a feeding tube and start calling me Terry****.  If I was rich, I' d totally hire him to come to my house every other day and rub my scalp*****.


* No offense to any Asian Boy-Whores on my friends list.
** And eventually cut it.
*** This originally read "head" -- but in light of the rest of the entry, that sounded bad.
**** No offense to anyone suffering from possibly temporary lack of quality of life on my friends list.
***** See ***
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