June 13th, 2006

sock puppet klae


Do you remember that scene in Superman II when, after losing his powers, Clark gets punched in the face and tastes his own blood for the first time.  Do you remember the look of shock/horror on his face when he put his fingertips to his lip then pulled them away and looked at them.

That was me tonight.  But I wasn't in a fight, nor was I bleeding.

I was leaning into my car to release the zipper on the Tonneau cover so I could go home after work when I felt this pinching on the inside of my left bicep. The pain was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.  Like, something I knew once, but had forgotten.  I stood up, and saw no tear in my shirt where the pain was coming from.  I looked around at the half zipped Tonneau... and that's when I saw the bee struggling with it's last breaths.

I'd been stung.

Now, for many, this is a common occurrence.  But I've not had a bee sting since I was 16 or 17 years old.  And, last time I checked, I was allergic.

My mind immediately jumped into panic mode, and then back into "no, you have to stay calm" mode.  One of the girls from the restaurant was with me (I was giving her a lift home).  I told her what happened.  Took off my long sleeve shirt and we examined the arm under the streetlight.  The stinger wasn't there, so I'd just been pricked.  It hurt.  I went into "Scully in the X-Files Movie" mode, checking myself for signs of anaphylactic shock -- not that I know what those are other than death.  Carla asked if we should go to the hospital, and while I wanted to fall to the ground screaming "Yes! Yes!  Take me to safety!" I refrained and said "No, I'll drive you home, and if I'm feeling funny when we get to your place, we'll go from there."

We got to her place fine, and other than a still painful arm, I was okay.  So I headed home, hand on the phone in case I needed to dial 911 and tell them which exit to find me at.  But I made it home just fine.  There's a bit of swelling around the sing area now, it's hot, and red-- but on the upside, the pain is mostly gone.  My chest is a bit tight, but I can breathe fine (I think I'm still nervous). Of course being wound up and nervous and tired from work have totally impaired my judgment about my physical state.

So here I am, slightly agitated and not really keen on going to sleep cause I'm a big chicken.  denyse, I need to schedule an office visit, bring you beer, and get you to renew my bee sting kit prescription.

Allergy guy