July 2nd, 2006


#84: Damn, what a fantastic day...

I'm thoroughly exhausted.

Had a six hour improv workshop with Todd Stashwick (yes, Chris, the M'Fashnik Demon) today along with walid_muffin and should_is.  The concepts and actions were mind blowing in some ways, but damned educational.  I learned as much in six hours as I did in several weeks in other classes.  Fan-fucking-tastic.

After the class, it was off to the festival to see Jokyr & Jesster (who were also in the class with us) and Un-Scripted Theater. J&J are phenomenal improvisers, and the stuff they do is really raw, and really... well, REAL.  I'm totally in awe of their work, and had a phenomenal time working with them in the post-show.

Un-Scripted has a fantastic format as well.  It's similar to Comedy Sports, but instead of the teams competing each other, they represent audience members who are the ones getting the points and winning prizes.  VERY cool, and they're a GREAT bunch of improvisers as well.

failbig, phoenix_heart and katie_in_london all showed up for the show. (RYAN!  I didn't get to say good by to you tonight, I'm *SOOOOOOOOOOOOO* sorry!!  I had to run Shaun home so she could start the BBQ for the after-party)  It was fantastic to see all of them, and it was WAYYYYYYYY too long since I had, too.  That must be rectified.

After the show, the workshop group performed a (very) short piece called The Beast.  It was a whole lot of fun, and damn it was good to be back up in front of an audience again.

Yes, they're all worshiping me. *blush*

On the way home, I suddenly realized that one of Madeline's headlights didn't open when I turned them on, so I pulled off at Millbrae and propped her droopy eye open.  It's the eye that got replaced like a year and a half ago when the front of my car got smooshed, so TECHNICALLY, the part should be under the repair warranty.  I'll call them on Wednesday and check.

But now, I need to finish moving the pictures off these Flash Media cards so I have them empty for senatorhatty and wildpaletz's wedding tomorrow.