September 3rd, 2006


Couple Updates...

So I'd been serving as the Restaurant defacto IT guy for a while. I set up the new computers in exchange for a birthday dinner, which was cool.  But since then, I'd been working on a "retainer" of 1 bottle of awesome wine every month in exchange for simple services.

Well, last week, M the Manager put up a note saying he was looking for someone to help him with wine inventory and such.  I told him that if no one else wanted to do it, I'd be happy to, but I didn't want to take the job away from someone else.  It was 3 hours a week at $10/hour, plus a monthly inventory. Not alot, but some extra pocket money, PLUS I get to learn more about the wines, and get to know the vendors better and such.  Turns out no one else wanted the job, and M was happy to have me do it, since I'd already built him a database for all the wines.

So yesterday I sit down with M to discuss the specifics, and he tells me that since I'm already an Assistant Manager, and am doing the IT stuff, the owners don't want to pay me $10/hr to do the job.  Instead, they want to take away my wine "retainer" and I get health benefits.


Also, I'm capturing a vinyl copy of The Beatles album, Hey Jude, to my laptop with my USB Turntable.  SO awesome.  I am totally a geek.