October 25th, 2006



"Two weeks ago, Mr. Weinstein said, one of his new agents showed him a Web video that had been up for less than an hour: “Paxilback,” a parody of a Justin Timberlake music video, “Sexyback.” The agents quickly reached out to its creators, a group of Los Angeles artists called People Food. By the time they could arrange a meeting five days later, the video had been seen 600,000 times. "

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Commentary on my last post...

The video mentioned is a parody of Sexy Back, and of course I've not shot a video for mine yet.  But the video referenced, while technically good, wasn't even all that FUNNY.  So it makes me sad on the inside.

Actually funny.

New Moron Life Sketch

Usually I don't post these here for fear of annoying everybody.  But we're really trying to get the word of mouth out on this one just to see what happens.  If you have the time, pop over to YouTube and rate it there, too.

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