October 30th, 2006


Send up the love, folks!!

Tomorrow (Monday) at 11:50AM PST, I've got a commercial audition.

The cool thing about this one is that the casting agent called *ME* to come to the audition, rather than me answering an open call.

So... wish me love!


Audition wrap up...

So I got a good night's sleep last night.  Got up this morning, showered, and checked email.

The project I auditioned for is for FasTrak (the autopay toll jobbie thing for bridges and stuff), and the premise is all Tortoise and Hare stuff.  I was sent a script with two commercials on Saturday and told to prep to read for the Hare.  I thought it was sort of strange that I'd be reading for THAT role, but when they called me, they said "We know you can be funny," and the Hare was really the comedic role in the commercials, the Tortoise was more of the straight man.  So I prepped for the Hare all weekend.

They said to feel free to come in costume, but I don't own a bunny costume.  However, I snagged a set of rabbit ears from the Moron Life studio, and planned to dress business casual, wear the bunny ears, and put a carrot in my pocket to much on as I did the audition.

So I dressed this morning in earth tones (Minty green shirt, olive green t-shirt, brown pants and shoes), and hit the road, stopping to pick up a carrot at Safeway on the way out.

For the entire 50 minute drive to the city, I ran lines, came up with some new bits to used ("Yeah BOING!" instead of "Yeah Boy!" -- it was sort of a hip-hop rabbit), I even did a mini parody of Sexy Back to used if they asked me to riff ("I'm bringin' bunny back...").  Got to the city, took forever to find parking, but got there about 10 minutes before my call time.  Walked into the lobby just as some of the previous auditioners were leaving.  The assistant with the clipboard looked at me and said "Oh, good, a Tortoise is here!" 

I about shit my pants.

He asked my name, I told him, he checked me off and said, "Good, we'll have you read for the Tortoise with Joe as the rabbit after these guys are done."  And then he took the next pair into the audition room.

I turned to Joe and said, "They told me to prep for the Hare."  Joe blinked and said, "Oh shit, man."  Now, I had all the lines memorized, so I left my script in the car so I wouldn't be tempted to use it as a crutch.  But I remembered seeing a copy in the foyer, so I ran back out there grabbed it, and started memorizing lines.

Five minutes later, the two guys and the assistant re-emerged, and Joe and I were ushered into the room.

And I auditioned for the Tortoise, cold.

Luckily the lines were easy.  The guy in charge gave me direction, which I implemented pretty well.  Once he got how he wanted it explained, I ended up playing Tardy the Turtle from Greg the Bunny without the speech impediment.  And I had the guy laughing so hard he made me re-do one of my lines and accompanying facial expressions so the camera guy could get a close up.  And he just kept laughing.

We were out in about seven minutes.

Joe expressed astonishment in the lobby at how well I did for having no prep time.  While I should have said, "I do improv." I just smiled, shrugged and said, "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

And then I headed home (after lunch with Shaun).

When I got here (20 minutes ago) I was greeted with this email from the casting agent:

Hi Klae - you are on the edit select tape for FasTrak -- are you available Nov 6 & 7th?  it would be both days.

This is what the client presents to his client along with a few other choices---  I will keep you in the loop.

I'm on the select tape.  So thank you all for the Love sent my way at just the right time.