November 27th, 2006


Love - Gracias

Thanks for the love.

Word from the Content Acquisition Folks was that the Project Manager and head of Design were both very impressed with my pitch (yes skygoodwill, I practiced while dancing), and liked my presentation skills.  There's a little fine tuning that needs to be done on a couple of the pieces presented (there always is), and they're hearing pitches from two LA producers tomorrow, but they're hoping to be able to greenlight me for at least two of the sketches by Wednesday.  Once we know for sure, I'll share more details.

Teh Loved

Do I take the Washington Post to task?

Not only did they not reference our website properly ("Moron Life" instead of ""), this columnist quotes us in one breath, and disses on one of my writing staff in the next:
According to comedian Michaels's ramblings on the Web site Moron Life, she and Richards both performed at an L.A. club in October. As she was picking up his tape recorder, which had somehow fallen and come apart at the end of his performance, she writes, he came up to her and said, "You're a [expletive], [same expletive], [still the same expletive], dirty little [sticking with that expletive], on and on, and I started thinking to myself, you know, I only accept those kinds of terms of endearment from my Dad or Grandma . . . not from some [expletive] who is using his fame to be a [expletive]!!"

I didn't say she was a great comic.

AND she apparently didn't read the article, because JBM was HOSTING at the club, not performing.  Serious difference.

I've never actually put on my Editor in Chief of hat before, but I'm REALLY offended that this woman is trying to be funny by dissing one of my people.

The same article appears in the Toronto Star, but edited so that the diss is gone.

What do you think, do I send the woman and her editors a nastygram?

Editor in Chief