January 6th, 2007


Producer Rant

Do you know what really frustrates the hell out of me?

Busting my ass for this show, and having people who just show up to act complain about it, insinuating that the producers aren't working hard enough to make it look good.  I'm sorry, but when we have to fucking BEG people to show up for a shoot, and they don't even know their lines, what fucking incentive do we have to spend even MORE time trying to make them look good?  Put a coat of paint on a turd and it's still just a turd.  We're already dumping 10 to 20 hours each week into the show/website/writing/producing/editing and all that.  Plus we're forking over a not insignificant sum of money in rent for the studio space, dv tapes, webhosting, props, etc.

So sure.  I'll put in more time to make y'all look better when we have to do 18 takes because you don't have your lines memorized.

I would love to be able to fire people.  But then I'd have to even MORE work.