January 30th, 2007


Sure, it cost me some bucks, but it made me smile...

So I won a bottle of Harp Lager on eBay that was brewed in 1963 to commemorate the opening of their brewery in Alton.

It arrived a couple days ago and I did the woot woot dance.

Today, I get this email from the seller (who was in England).

Hi Klae

Something embarrassing has happened with the harp bottle. I had to go away unexpectedly last week for family reasons and asked someone to post it for me. They did, but when I looked at the receipt I find they have sent it surface mail! This means you might not get it for 6 to 8 weeks!

I'm very embarrassed about this and will return what you have paid to you.

When it turns up you have a bargain


So of course I told him that I'd already got it and he was wicked confused.

I totally could have gotten my money back, but I didn't.  And that makes me feel good.

INTERRUPT: Got an email from my casting agent in SF looking for extras for a Rolling Rock commercial.  $75/hr for 6 hours or so.  Thursday.  The day I promised Justin and Missy I'd babysit for them because they were having babysitter emergency.  So now I'm not smiling so much.

One good deed undoes another