February 2nd, 2007


Come fly with me....

Cathay Pacific airlines is doing a sweepstakes during February.  You play a silly "spot the difference" game, and get entered in for magical prizes, the best of which is two of their All Asia Passes.

What is an All Asia Pass, you say?  It's a ticket from America to Hong Kong that allows you to keep flying around Asia (to any of 23 other cities) for 21 days after you arrive in Hong Kong.  AND you get to fly home.

The plan is for me to use one of these to explore Asia later this year.  But now you, too, can try to win one and play a game all at the same time!

No, I don't get a bonus for referring people.  But if you win and have no official travel partner, I've got dibs!  And if you do have an official travel partner and win, let me know just how attached to them you are.