February 19th, 2007


YouTube... don't you mean DUHTube

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The reason why you do not appear on the "Most Subscribed" list is because you have uploaded several videos which have been flagged by other users and our staff reviewed and determined were racy. Racy videos will ask users to confirm that they are over 18 and willing to view a video that contains adult content.

Videos that have been marked as racy will prevent you from appearing on the "Most Subscribed" list.

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These are the two videos that are flagged as "inappropriate"

Beer Activated Girl:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=x4L8d0r-rJ4
M.O.R.T.: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xcdnyrUOo-o

Neither is more "racy" than SNL's Dick in a Box...


I just can't win...


16 people on the books for reservations
1 Waitress
1 Bus boy
1 Manager

Sounds like an easy night.

Until you add in the 40 walkins.

Good lord.

sock puppet klae

Goodness falls from the heavens right into the lap

... of others.

So today's "Something awesome happened to someone I know" comes from my friend Shaun in SF.

She did an "Oscar rant" for Carson Daley's It's Your Show website.  They called her today to ask if the could air it DURING THE MOTHER FUCKING OSCARS.


It's hard to feel joy and jealousy and longing and hope and all these other emotions at the same time.