March 4th, 2007


Of puppets and futures and sings of songs...

Damn I miss live performance.

I love Moron Life, don't get me wrong.  Despite the bitching, I enjoy and am mostly proud of what we do there.  But there's nothing like the raw power of creation that is evoked when you improvise.

Even when it's with people you don't know, in an environment you're unfamiliar with, under the watchful eyes of potential directors... there's just this magic that happens when you give yourself over to it and CREATE.

The audition went well.  Am I good enough for the show?  Most certainly.  Will I get the show?  Who knows.

The majority of the group that auditioned was really talented.  We all had alot of fun and did alot of laughing.  I even surprised myself with how well I handled the puppets, and got a couple compliments from fellow auditioners on it.  Call backs are next week.  We'll know by Friday if we're getting called back.

The show looks like it will be alot of fun.  12 person cast, with 6 performing and given night.  Couple people puppeting, couple people being people.  Singing, Improv... it's all good, and I think that if I get it, I'll really enjoy it.

On the flip side, it's going to be a helluva time commitment, and a HEYOUGE smack in the wallet.  One or two nights a week for rehearsal, then when the show starts, one rehearsal night and one to three show nights each week.  I'll be missing some serious restaurant time.  But really, I need the stage.  Need the audience.  You don't get laughter from a camera, and while we get great feedback on Moron Life (when we get it), it's not as instantaneous or as gratifying (usually).

So either way, it's all okay.  If I don't get it, I won't be strapped for cashola.  If I do get it, I won't be strapped for attention.  Either way, I win.

That's a good way to come out of an audition.