March 18th, 2007


It was a Sunday

March 18th, 1996.  I was out dancing with a bunch of my friends when my pager went off.

I didn't have a numeric pager like most people.  I had a voice pager, where the caller could leave a 10 to 15 second message, and it would actually come out of the little box on my hip.  I had the pager on vibrate as I was on the dance floor, and felt it go off pretty late into the evening.

I removed myself from the dance floor and found a quiet corner near the doorway to the club to listen to the message.  It told me that I was an uncle, and that my new nephew's name was Kody Curtis.

We all danced a celebratory dance for the new addition to my family after that.

Happy birthday, Kody!!



So yesterday my awesome housemates hosted a Game Day, wherein we played board games, ate chili and had a gregariously good time.  We also celebrated the birth of the fantastically awesome melibabe who has recently transplanted herself to CA from the wilds of Atlanta.

Quote of the day (from a game of The Scurvy Musketeers of the Spanish Main -- yay stevetassie!):
How did I get here, and why is my dick in this parrot?

Oh yeah, it was one of THOSE kinda days. :)

It was also very awesome to have a bunch of people around when I got the call about The Great Puppet Musical.  The cheers were stupendous.

So tired...