March 23rd, 2007

Extreme Closeup

{Retroactive Update} The Smell of the Darkness

One of the most awesome things about living in California is the fact that I drive a convertible.  So in the spring, late at night, as I drive from whatever project I'm finishing up back to the house, I'm assaulted with this cascade of odor.

And it's not a bad thing.  You just pass from region to region of flower scents.  Some of them repeat, become familiar, and even identifiable.  Some of them are just a flash in the nose, and then they're gone, reappearing only as sense memory in dreams.

I love the fact that I have a convertible and a nose.


{Retroactive Update} The Father Unit

Dad came down from the homestead on Tuesday.  He had a dinner to attend in San Francisco that night, and so he showed up at my place bright and early and we spent the day adventuring.

Okay, adventuring was pre-empted by errands.  Bank, dropping a new episode off at Comcast, dropping a computer off at the restaurant... lots of tedious stuff, but stuff that was finished relatively quickly.

We dined at the restaurant, of course, because the food is good, and everyone likes to meet everyone else's parents there.  Dad caught me up on the new Reporter Gig he's got, which is really cool.  It's keeping him very busy, and very NOT retired.  And a busy Dad is a happy Dad.

After lunch, I surprised dad with a tour of the Lab over at NASA.  One of the awesome folks who works there full time arranged a visitor pass for Dad so I could show him around.  I don't even think about it anymore, but I walk around N-262 like I've been there for years (which, technically, I have if you count from the first time I showed up there).  I strolled right in the front door and up to the lab, smiling and waving at people like I always do.  Dad laughed and made a comment about it being like I owned the place.  I think it's more that I'm comfortable there, and I'm lucky to work with some really nice people.

Post tour, we got on the road to the city.  We decided to go exploring for photo ops, and ended up at the Sutro Baths out by the Cliff House.  We wandered around there for quite a while, taking pictures, shooting the shit, marveling at what a huge place it must have been when it was actually in use...  We found our way over to the overlook to get some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, and by then we were both tired from all the hill walking, so we headed back to the truck to make our way to dinner.

We talked about the different projects I had going on during the drive over to the Embarcadero.  Dad made it very clear that he was happy that I'm chasing my dreams right now, and in not so many words he said that it's okay that the dreams are more important to me than settling down and having a family.  And really, that's good to hear.  Too often people harp about getting married, getting involved, having babies... and it can get a little frustrating at times.  Our conversation was good, though, and it's nice to know that your father is proud of what your doing, especially when your just getting through a "HOLY CRAP, WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING THIS FOR?!" phase.

It did get me thinking, though: Am I not settling down because I'm chasing my dreams, or am I chasing my dreams to avoid settling down.  There's no real answer to that question, but I wanted to document the thought process.

After "The Great Parking Fiasco of 2007" (who knew that the even piers were SOUTH of the Bay Bridge, duh?), we made it to dinner and I got to meet a bunch of really nice people from Dad's alma mater.  And we had a good dinner, to boot. 

Drove home, crashed, breakfasted the next morning and The Father Unit was off on his way home.  It was a good visit.  Need to do that more often.

Prodigal Son