April 4th, 2007


Tuesday Super Pupdate Extreme!

So when we last saw our Hero, me, we were... doing something.  And then came Tuesday.

The alarm alarmed much much too early early.  I made it out the door by 8AM (yes, I know most of you leave the house much earlier than that, but generally I don't even roll out of bed till 9:30ish).  Took me until about 9:30 to get to BART in Millbrae (a 40 minute drive without traffic), then another 40 minutes on BART to get to 16th street.

Five block walk from 16th & Mission BART station to my casting agent's office.  Ten minutes to study script, then into the fire.

It was, as I feared, a "Before/After" commercial for 24 Hour Fitness.  It wasn't, however, a "fat/skinny" before/after commercial.  It was "unhappy/happy".  Like joining the gym will make you a happier person... which is entirely possible for some. The script was funny, the staff was friendly (as always-- it's nice to be called out to by random passing staffer and thanked for coming in... BY NAME), and I was in and out pretty damn fast.

Back to BART, then over to Shaun's for an early lunch, and catchup on the whathaps.  Thai food and Mojitos make for a nice nice lunch-- but it was productive, too!  On the 27th and 28th of April, Shaun and I will be doing a two person Improv show as part of the "Improv Juggernauts" weekends at The Exit on Taylor Street.  We will be known as (as an entity).  I don't know what it will be, yet, but we're kind of going with a scenic, longer form, loose structured format.  It'll be a nice "just before puppet opening" break from all the rehearsing.

Secondly, and more importantly, we've set dates for B-Movie Night.  Finally!  Now we just have to get the venue to approve them, which shouldn't be an issue.  Opening weekend will be January 25th, 2008.  Running Thursday to Saturday for the following five weeks, with a possible extended run on Thursday nights for two months following.  If it goes REALLY well, that extended run will be moved to a larger venue.  So stevetassie, if you want to make a trip to the Bay Area in January/February of next year, I'd love to have you as a guest star some weekend(s).

Post lunch/scheduling/hanging out, I meandered to the Apple Store and Borders for some perusing, then up to the theater (with a stop for some dinner Falafel) for rehearsal.

We did alot of puppet work last night, and made some interesting discoveries whilest rehearsing... once any one of us puts on a puppet, we lose most of our ability to Improvise.  It's amazing.  We just become so focused on the puppet that we turn into Whoseline Party Game hacks.  And we realize that it's happening because the puppets are still pretty new and interesting to use.  Plus we still have to focus to make sure we're using them correctly, so we're losing the attention we would normally put on the scene itself.  So last night was alot of back to basics.  As if we were teaching the PUPPETS to improvise.  It ended up being alot of fun, because we got to play some games none of us had played in quite some time.

We also discovered that the straighter (as in non-zany) we play the puppets, the funnier they are.  A foul-mouthed puppet mechanic makes us all ROAR with laughter.  The dead puppet pulled out of the trunk of a car by the puppet mobster?  HYSTERICAL.

Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday) we'll be getting together for the first "Puppet Construction Day."  I'm so psyched.  If anyone has an solid colored cloth/felt/fleece/fake fur scraps (or larger amounts) they feel like donating to the cause, lemme know!

8AM to 11:30PM.... oy