May 28th, 2007


E. D. G. E.

If the E in E. D. G. E. stands for Entertainment or Eclectic, what is the rest of the acronym (to be used as a title for something comedic)?

Picking your brains

Pupdate with Video Clip!

Saturday's show was muey fun. melibabe  and her mom came, which was awesome, and a couple people from the Restaurant and from NASA came, too.

Below, find a clip that I'm pretty happy with. I was the quasi-bad guy for the show, and I had a really fun first number. :)

Beneath the Surface (21Meg mp4 file)

Most of the show took place at "Mile Deep University, the only active mine and accredited University in the Western Hemisphere."


I used the word tutelage in a song

Are you an Arrested Development fan?

You've probably not noticed the ads for it, but Seth Rogan has a new movie out called "Knocked Up." I'm a big fan of his work ever since his days on Freaks and Geeks. Well, Seth wrote a movie for Michael Cera (George Michael from Arrested D.), and apparently now, there's a viral video out there of Michael in Seth's role in "Knocked Up" getting fired from the part.

Kinda funny, in a really convoluted way.