June 10th, 2007


Sunday, Muddy Sunday...

I was up until 3:30 this morning editing a video project that will be revealed to the populas shortly.  My alarm went off at 8:00 because I was supposed to drive up to this park up on Mt. Hamilton Road (in the Mountains, duh) where my friends Amy and Nathaniel were running in the MuddyBuddy.  The MuddyBuddy is a six mile bike/foot race with obstacles along the way, the last of which is a HUGE mud pit that you have to crawl through together to get to the finish line.  I was there for moral support, and to take pictures as the soon to be married couple crossed the finish line.

However, the snooze button held me captive until about quarter of nine, and at that point I groaned out of bed and made my way to the park... it was actually a really nice 35 minute drive up into the mountains.  I made it to where I was supposed to be a good 20 minutes before Amy and Nathaniel entered the mud pit, so I got a bunch of good shots of them gettin dirty, then hosing off afterward.

Post Buddy, there was a brief respite at home, then it was off to the celebratory BBQ.  Burgers, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and Guinness floats.  That's the way to spend a sunny Sunday.


[Bay Area]  Cube Farm?

Hey Bay-Areaites!

Does anyone know of a space I could shoot in that looks at least VAGUELY like a cubicle, or better yet, a mini-cube farm?

It's for one cut-away in a sketch.  Running time about 45 seconds. Shooting time under half an hour (I'd hope).



Found and old picture, thought folks might get a kick out of it.  Augustish of 1988.  I was 17.  We were in New Jersey, somewhere near Bricktown (now known as just Brick).  My folks drove me cross country to drop me off at Penn State and we'd stopped to see family on the way.  That's Dad, Mom and kellyangel there, and the older lady is Helen Diedrick.  Helen is an OLD school Vaudeville performer.  She's a friend of Uncle Dick, and just one of the many amazing people he introduced us to.  It was shortly after this visit that we went to the boardwalk and dad (with only one dollar) won me the Grimm (of Mother Goose and Grimm fame) stuffed animal that I've kept in my room ever since.

Hard to believe that was 19 years ago.

Hard to believe I was that skinny.

And good god, who let me wear tie dye?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the flashback.

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