June 11th, 2007


Flashback Part II

I want to preface this with the following statement:  If you're not watching "The Riches" on FX, you should.  DAMN good show.  Eddie Izzard is awesome, and this may be the best thing Minnie Driver has ever done.

So tonight I was catching up on The Riches when all of the sudden I saw a face I recognized on the TV screen.  Teresa Huang, pictured at right, was in one of the NY Film Academy films I was in, and now she's got a recurring role on The Riches as Kimmie, did a bit on Ugly Betty and also on Studio 60.  I like it when good people do good.  Too cool.

One Step Closer to being Kevin Bacon

Locked post funness

So I'm scrolling through my friends list and, I shit you not (I almost typed knot), there are these two locked posts back to back.  One singing the praises of the new issue of a knitting magazine, and one decrying it as worthless.  Neither person knows the other, but the coincidence that these were posted at pretty much the same time (two minutes apart) is pretty damn funny in my book

Y'all can't see it, but it sure as hell made *ME* laugh.


...but you're not in like with me.

So with the intent of getting better at meeting people in a more romanti-social atmosphere, I nabbed an invite to the closed beta of ImInLikeWithYou.com from ezaryu.  The site concept is pretty cool.  You get "points" for doing things like logging in, posting pictures, answering profile questions and such.  Then, you create a "Game."  A game is a question that can be answered with a short (30 characters or less) answer.  People who find you, or your game interesting can post a reply to your question by bidding on the game.  First person has to bid 10 points, second person has to up it from there.  When the game time expires, the creator can choose one of the top five bidders to add to their contacts list, and then they're free to communicate with them.

So it's not really a game site, but not really a dating site either.  More of a popularity/flirting site.

But like any social networking structure, you can "block" users that you don't want showing up in your searches.

Apparently I'm *SO* unappealing that I've been blocked "quite a few" times.  Enough so that the system deactivated my ability to actually bid on anyone else's game.  Or so Tech Support says.  They're trying to fix it for me, but really... what's the point?


P.S.  I have six invitation codes to the private beta if people want them.