June 16th, 2007


#58: My Surreal, Yet Awesome Life

So I've had a low grade headache since Thursday morning. At first, I thought it was me being sick, but I realize now that I'm just REALLY FREAKING TIRED.

The funny thing is that as soon as I'm engaged in something, the headache goes away. Once I'm idle again... ow ow ow. I'm sure it's not going away, but I'm just able to ignore it better when I'm busy. Not a great impetus to slow down and get UNtired.

Anyway, as many have read, Thursday was the opening of the Festival. I've gotten to spend some time hanging out with Emo Philips, and his fiancee Kipleigh Brown (who's been on Star Trek! You guys!! WOOO!). They're both really really sweet people. Kipleigh is freakin hysterical, and just a really really really really nice person. Emo may be is one of the most brilliant commedians ever.

I was talking to one of my Mormon friends about coffee the other day. "I don't see why you don't drink coffee. There are some serious benefits to having a cup of coffee every day." He asked me, "Like what?" "Well," I said, "It keeps you from being Mormon for one thing."

The standup set he did at the post show was amazing.  Just freakin amazing.

Friday night was another brilliant show, by both Bassprov (with Emo) and 3 For All.

After the show, it was a quiet evening at a French restaurant on Hayes.  I got to pick the wine for the table, which everyone highly approved of.  Had some warm Camembert cheese on buttered toast with walnuts, and a little dish of olives.  Desert was something that is akin to the chocolate creme brulee from LP, but it was more mousse like, and just as sex-in-a-cuppy.

It was just a really neat evening, with these amazing people just having casual conversation and hanging out.


Hangin' out with the stars