June 23rd, 2007


Do unto others and they will do unto you right in the dumper...

So I think I've reached a point where I have to put one of my size 14s down. 

Generally, I have no problem helping folks out, taking pictures at their events and stuff like that.  Hell, for friends, it's actually flattering to be asked, since they consider my work good enough to take the place of a pro.  And hey, if that can be my wedding gift to them, that saves ME some cashola!

But lately, there's been an influx of people who aren't really friends, but more acquaintances (through improv, or other activities) asking if I'd come to their gig/show/whatever to take pictures for them.  Somehow, the fact that I have to take off work and then drive all the way to San Francisco in order to "help them out" doesn't cross their mind, *OR* they think that cost of entry to the event plus a beer will cover it.  I dunno, but methinks it's time to start saying "no" -- or pointing them to a fee schedule.

I just don't know what to charge.