June 30th, 2007


There's a hole in my pocket, dear Liza, dear Liza...

So yesterday I received a note from my Bank.  The note informed me that I had an overdraft charge.

I was perplexed.  According to my maths (which, granted, aren't that good) I should have had plenty of monies.  And even if I didn't, I had a decent buffer in savings to cover any monies that I may have miscalculamated.

So I fired up the old intertubes and went to my on-tube banking and saw there was not only 1 overdraft charge, but EIGHT, for a sum total of $216.

I was mindboggled, because none of the monies in my savings account had been pulled to deal with this issue.

But was more mind boggling was a charge on my account from GIGANEWS (a Usenet access provider).  I never subscribed to GIGANEWS.  But it turns out they've been charging me for a Diamond Level Membership for about four months now, which sort of explains the difference in my maths and the bank's maths.

Needless to say, I am unhappy.  I need tried to call the bank about it yesterevening, but they left me on hold for so long I couldn't wait, because I had to be in the city for the Festival.

Oy veh.

Just another Manic Friday... woah oh...