July 2nd, 2007


Get up, roll out of bed, drag the dog across my head...

So I got up early (as I do on Mondays) checked my mail, took pictures of kittens, showered, shaved, and then started getting dressed to be Manager of the Day. 

I had my pants half way pulled up when I thought to myself, "Self, I manage today AND Thursday this week?  That's odd."  And myself replied to me, "It sure is, Self, are you SURE you work today, because I know you work on Thursday for sure."  So I finished pulling up my pants and made my way to the phone.

I don't work today. 

So I took my pants back OFF, put on some shorts, and now, I have the day.


A comedy of stupid...

Klae: Hi, Giganews!  There are unauthorized charges on my card from your company!
Giganews: Hi, Klae!  Tells us when, for how much, the last 4 digits of your card number, the expiration, and we'll look into it!
Klae: Okay!  Here you are (info, info, info...)!
Giganews: Okay!  We've suspended the account associated with that card, and won't allow future charges from it!
Klae: But... what about the charges, and the NSF fees they caused.
Giganews: Well, the account was USED, so we can't refund the charges.
Klae: Oh, okay, then I want to know all the personal info on the account, when they used it, and their IP address so I can tell my bank.
Giganews: We can confirm that the account is in your name, but we can't release any further information to you because of privacy reasons.  If your bank contacts us, we'll cooperate with them fully.
Klae: Hold on, so it's MY account, which means MY information, but you can't release it to me?  But you WILL release it to my bank?
Giganews: ...
Klae: Hello, bank?  I want to tell you about some douchebags...
Bank: Please hold...

Bank: No problem, we'll get on this. Thanks for being a customer. You're awesome and we love you.
Klae: Rock.