August 7th, 2007


The day...

So the housemates departed for places of high altitude this afternoon.

I returned home, and to help me distance myself from money woes, I dropped trou (metaphorically) and began to disassemble my work space--

Ohhh!  Call from technocowboy about the autograph I got him.

--in the library.  Everything is now sitting in the living room and kitchen space while--

LB, from the restaurant, interrupted me, made me put my pants back on, and we went to see Harry Potter, her treat!

--the carpets dry from a good carpet cleaning.

Tomorrow, once everything is dry, I begin the process of putting it all back together, and merging my email and editing computers into one ginormous machine.  WHEEE!  I've decided not to replace the email computer right now because 1) I'm poor and 2) I'm poor.  I can get away with one computer for quite I while if I need to.  OOOOOH, I can't check my email in the bedroom anymore, boo hoo.  I'll get over it.  Besides, I have my laptop still.  So it will all work out.