August 14th, 2007


Wherein Our Hero Becomes a Twit... er... er...?

So I've had a Twitter account since, like... March?  But I'd never really used it.  However, with all the fun stuff I do, I figured it might be cool to be able to do the occasional 1 sentence shout out, especially when something cool happens.

Besides, Warren Ellis and Wil Wheaton use it, why shouldn't I?

ANYWAY, I'm not going to spam the LJ with the Twitterpations, but there is a badge in my sidebar that will list the most recent Twerps on my LJ page.

So, if you, too are a Twitterer, look me up.

TAWT... errr.. um...

The poop on the wine gig...

It's really not so much a promotion, as an acknowledgment of what I've sorta kinda been doing.  Learning the wines, and being the "wine goto guy" when Morgan isn't around.

But still, it's kinda cool to see it in print.

That "sign" thing is hung outside the front door of the restaurant, right next to the award we got from Wine Spectator magazine.

I guess I better be sure I know my stuff. :)

Wine Guy