August 23rd, 2007


[Zombies] Check List

Producer: check (me)
Director: check (me)
Writer: check (dave)
Composer: check (david)
Makeup Designer: check (michelle)
Costume Designer: check (pamela)
Director of Photography: check (nathan)

Bit by bit, putting it together...

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I need your help!

From PopPhoto:

We know how much worthy, unsung talent is out there. For the past several months our editors have been searching websites and asking experts throughout the photography world to tell us about photographers who are not yet well known, but whose work deserves to be seen by wide audience.

Our initial plan was to feature 12 of the best of these young photographers in a special portfolio in the November/December 2007 issue of American Photo. And Apple Inc. has helped us streamline that process by making its sophisticated Aperture image-management software available to the nominated photographers so they can submit their work to us easily and quickly.

Our special portfolio in November/December will be just the beginning. We are so impressed by the photography we've seen so far that we are expanding our search for new talent. Thanks to Apple, we can now reach out to anyone who considers herself or himself an emerging photographer. We want to see your work! We ask that you limit your submission to no more than ten images. Submissions must be made by August 30, 2007.

So... anyone willing to browse my portfolio and help me pick which photos to submit?

Click click zoom...