August 29th, 2007

sock puppet klae

Two things

Sad: Safeway shoot canceled.  Hopefully they'll reschedule.

Strange:  Dreamed that I swapped bodies with someone "accidentally."  And by accidentally I mean that we weren't expecting it, but it didn't surprise us.  It was weird, because I seriously could feel the difference in the size of the new body.  It was awkward and fun all at the same time.  Arms of a different length, seeing the world from a different height.  Very vivid dream with alot of detail.  Even my feet were a different size, and I could TELL.  So bizarre.  Then we switched back without realizing it had happened.

Invader of the body swappers.

I even like spam now...

I was so ultimately amused at this, that I set the final coffee line to be my "You've got mail" message.  So now, whenever mail comes in, I end up giggling for about 45 seconds.

I'm sure it won't last long, cause it's really fucking with my productivity a bit.  But still, for now, it's FRACKIN' AWESOME!